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Growth spurt monitoring of children in sports is important to prevent injuries and develop talented athletes!

Determine the biological age of your athletes

Biological age determination is an important activity. Growth and maturation within puberty is a period in which dramatic changes occur in the timing and tempo of a growth spurt for an individual.

In which growth phase

Whether the child is in the periode before, in or after the growth spurt, so in which growth phase

Peak Height and Weight Velocity

At some point a child reaches it’s peak in height and weight velocity. You can determine with reasonable precision when this will be the case.

Do's and Dont's

Determining the growth spurt period and peak of the growth spurt is important for the do’s and dont’s during practice.

Timelines on growth

Different timelines will show at a glance in what growth period your athletes are so you can create a tailor made practice, prevent long term injuries and develop talented athletes.

Growth spurt timeline per athlete

growth spurt monitoring timeline

Based on length, sitting height and weight we are able to determine in which growth phase a person is in and when the peak of the growth spurt will occur. This information is important to prevent long-term injuries and develop more talented athletes.

It is important for a trainer / coach to know which phase of development or growth a child is in and to take this into account during practice. After all, children do’nt grow and develop at the same speed. For example, two children of 14 years old can differ enormously not only physically, but also emotionally, socially and cognitively. Optically these can be two completely different bodies, but they train and compete against each other.

Based on formulas using length, sitting height and weight as inputs we can calculate the biological age of a child athlete. The results and analysis of the measurements helps the trainer to prevent log-term injuries and create tailormade training based on the biological age of the child.

In team sports it is normal to provide a training for the whole group, while it would be better in this age group, to focus on the individual in order to train optimally.

Children starting with the growth spurt should follow a different training schedule than the children still not in the growth spurt. Early ripeners can also handle a different load than late ripeners in the same group. Ultimately, you avoid over- and / or under load. Calculating growth is an important activity here.

In order as a trainer / coach to distinguish between the precocious and the late bloomers, it is important to determine in which development or growth phase a child is. Is a child already in a growth spurt? When is the peak of growth expected? What is the biological age of a child? What is allowed and what better not during a training? These are questions this site answeres for you.